Leap Technology knows what it's like to work with's great when it's working, but when you have problems you need to know you can get help fast!  For clients that implement our systems, The Leap Technology Help Desk provides a quick and easy access to your own personal help desk centre.  Here you will be able to log requests, view any outstanding items, past items and correspond directly with a help desk support person.

We work with our clients to determine their Service Level Agreements (SLA).  Rather than try and ‘slot' clients into standard template SLA's we take the approach of working with you to determine your exact needs and build together with you a service level that is focused on your needs, not ours. 

Account Management

As part of our continual service to our clients, we provide an Account Manager to all clients that undertake a support agreement with us.  The role of the Account Manager is to ensure you are obtaining the right level of support needed and that we continually assess with you the successful use of our software.  To do this we undertake quarterly support reviews with our clients. 

These support reviews not only investigate the number and type of support requests to Leap, but also the number and type of requests that the actual client's help desk has resolving.  Along with this we review any outstanding issues or concerns and put in place goals and strategies to resolve these.  We also know that it is crucial your internal support staff are ‘up to speed' with the technology, and as such as part of our yearly review we assess the skill levels of your helpdesk staff and provide an assessment on any skill shortages and how these can be resolved.


Our Support Helpdesk

Our helpdesk provides you with all the information you could need to ensure you can get the help you need, when you need it.  Most of all, it allows you to confidentially report back to your organisation on the process of support requests.

Signing up to a support agreement with Leap Technology provides you with much more than just a Leap helpdesk login.  We are determined to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your support agreement with us.