Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not just about controlling and managing business content and the repositories where it resides. It is about understanding the relationship between People, Processes, and Content in an organisation. It is about documenting how content flows within and across departments, what systems it touches and what processes it is tied to. In addition, it is about understanding all types of content and managing them entire lifecycle from creation through disposal.

The OpenText ECM Suite brings together the content management capabilities needed to manage all types of enterprise content, including business documents, vital records, Web content, digital assets (images, audio, video), email, forms, reports and more. In addition, it fosters team collaboration with project and community workspaces, forums, blogs, wikis, and real-time instant messaging and collaboration. To complete the offering, the OpenText ECM Suite also provides business process management tools that allow you to build the processes that connect your people and content.

The OpenText ECM Suite provides all of these components of a comprehensive ECM suite based on the modular, well-integrated OpenText Content Services service-oriented architecture. This architecture allows us to put the needs of you the customer first. It provides you with the benefits of common integration layers that enable all elements of the suite to communicate well and share information, while at the same time being flexible and agile enough to address the specific requirements of your business.