Key Personnel

Wayne Hogben

Wayne understands how business operates and uses this knowledge to help clients identify opportunities for improvement. Wayne is recognised as a leading figure in the BPM industry in Australia. He has been involved in every implementation of BizFlow in South Australia and consults for corporate and government clients in NSW, Victoria and WA. Wayne is at the forefront of the BPM industry and can justifiably claim to be someone who helps drives organisational change.

Wayne has been been delivering Enterprise Content Management solutions for clients in South Australia for over 8 years and his 15 years of IT experience comes from implementing and supporting software solutions for clients ranging from government and large corporates, through to small business and owner operators.

Wayne has extensive experience working in startup organisations and was a key driver in the creation of one of South Australia's success stories in the agricultural industry, exporting water managment solutions globally. In this role, Wayne travelled the world delivering training and support to distributors and end users in North and South America, South Africa, Asia and Europe.

Wayne is a keen cyclist and is working on improving his speed as he circles the velodrome in Adelaide hoping to achieve his goal of making it to the track cycling Masters World Championships one day.

Wayne holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South Australia.



Wayne Hogben