Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is as much a methodology and practice as it is a suite of tools to affect, control, and optimise positive change. BPM as a tool suite serves as a business process platform through which management can identify, instill and sustain performance enhancing changes while moving towards full process automation through iterative, continual development.

In other words, BPM:

- Defines and supports an agile approach to policy and process changes.
- Serves as a management practice emphasising organisational effectiveness and efficiency in process delivery.
- Provides a suite of methodologies, tools, and templates for discovering, defining, modeling, automating, monitoring, analysing and ultimately optimising business processes.

Vendors selling BPM should have expertise in all three. We do. And their solution delivery should always provide a platform for process parallelism and scaling that allows your business to grow and align with your customers. We always do.

Leap Technology provides:

- BizFlow® for supporting all phases of BPM lifecycle: discover, define, model, simulate, deploy, execute, monitor, analyse, and optimise.
- Services and best practices for successful BPM adoption and change management.
- Methodologies and project management for effectively and efficiently implementing and sustaining process changes.