Corporate Profile

Welcome to Leap

With more than 10,000 end users, Leap is one of Australia's premier suppliers and implementers of software to enhance and manage business performance.

Based in Adelaide, Leap is a growing consultancy group, with a team that includes business analysts, project managers, software developers and account management. Our customers include large government agencies, education providers, energy companies and defense organisations.

We offer world leading software including:

  • Bizflow® Business Process Management (BPM) software to optimise business processes - whipping unstructured processes into gear makes you more efficient, profitable and more competitive;
  • OpenText® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software to manage all types of enterprise content, including business documents, records, Web content, digital assets (images, audio, video), email, forms, reports and more;
  • Kofax® Data Capture and Exchange software to capture and transform your information into digital format - internal business documents and incoming documents.

Importantly, our software is operating in large corporates and government bodies around the world. Leap is very experienced in implementing this software working with clients to understand business objectives and helping to transform operations.

What we do..

Using 'commercial off the shelf' business software, we implement business solutions that enable organisations to capture corporate information, use the information efficiently to make sound decisions and store the data for reuse and retrieval when required.

How we do it..

The team at Leap Technology is passionate about technology and making it work for business.  The team comes from traditional technology backgrounds, but has a focus on ensuring business end users are able to achieve real business benefits by using the technology.

Leap Technology's philosophy is simple, we are about ensuring software is implemented not just installed.  This means that we are driven by making sure software purchases and installations are focused on business benefits.  To make this happens we do not have ‘pre sales' people that walk away once the sale is made, handing you over to technical staff.  Our team that guides you through the purchase of software stays with you throughout the journey of realising the benefits of a successful business implementation. 

We also recognise that software does not work in isolation.  In fact we know the true benefit of business process improvement is seen when businesses achieve integration between their software applications.  So we also provide systems integration services together with our implementation services.  For Leap, this allows us to assist our clients with the full implementation of new software beyond the single application.


Sick of being promised the world...

We've also seen suppliers doing a great job of over promising, then the delivery team being stuck trying to realign expections to what can actually be delivered.

At Leap Technology we do what we say we do...we have have an Account Manager that is with you through the entire software journey - before, during and after the implementation.  This way, if it's promised during the sales process, it's delivered during implementation.